Wild Words – Dylan and Igor at St Francis Church, Bedminster

This half-term holiday, Wild Words is back at St George’s Bristol with its bubbling cauldron of music, storytelling and educational fun. This time, the subject is the young Dylan Thomas – a friendless, solitary boy who listens to nature. The sea (a booming voice with an echo pedal) is the blossoming poet’s confidant, the one who speaks with him and with us, as we join Dylan on a journey of self discovery.

With Tim Hill on reeds and Martin Solomon on strings and saw, Dylan and Igor is a showcase of instruments and I actually lose count of how many are played in this 50 minute show. Storyteller Michael Loader completes the trio on horns and words. So many beautiful, playful words. Taking inspiration from Dylan’s own works and fusing these with pure imagination, Wild Words mesmerises us here at St Francis Church in Bedminster and, although this is a family show – kids will love the flowing cacophony, the riotous joy – the audience is full of adults, testament that everyone can enjoy a good story told well. Expect some odd visitors. Find lost words with the off-the-wall Sisters of Mercy and save the seas with the Solitary Sister and her trolley full of discarded pop bottles (who knew that so many words rhyme with ‘plastic’? – there is a strong environmental message in this show too). Taste the “fermenting words on your tongue.” Then stir this up with “the steaming hulk of Uncle Eli” and his sea shanties.

Throw into the mix hints of Igor Stravinsky (listen out for ‘Firebird’ and ‘The Shrovetide Fair’ from his ballet ‘Petrushka’) or maybe you can detect some Thelonius Monk, perhaps a twist of Leonard Cohen? Chance is you won’t get any of these musical references but it won’t matter because you will understand that that nature has a voice, you will hear the storm rising, you might even see Dylan’s invisible friend …

Catch Wild Words – Dylan and Igor at St George’s Bristol on 31st October, which is preceded by a free Playshop

Recommended age 6+


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  • 20/10/2018 at 09:52

    I’m pleased to see that the message(s) was received… always a pleasure to hear that someone ‘gets’ what you’re writing passionately about


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