Jason and the Argonauts at Theatre Tropicana

It’s 2pm and any minute now we are going in to see The Four of Swords theatre company’s version of the Greek tale, Jason and the Argonauts.

They have promised us Action!, Puppets!, Taiko drums and undead parkour!

On the way here Mum insists that I know the story, but I don’t remember – she however has fond memories of the 1963 movie with all its outdated special effects and is looking forward to seeing how this will be executed on stage.

I’m always slightly worried about any stage acrobatics (the parkour in this case) going terribly wrong but we will see how it goes.

As we sit I can hear the drums being pounded ready to greet us and as we enter its really loud, it’s a quite an entrance.

As they promised there is dramatic parkour (They didn’t hurt themselves-phew!), a little puppetry, clever animation but amazing Taiko drumming and lots of action.

I have attended a lot of theatre and I haven’t experienced anything quite like this before, it’s certainly different and a creative way to use the space!

I would hate to give away why this is but I will say the most important thing is to not get comfortable in your seat …  I award it 5 golden fleeces.


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Image by Matt Austin, with thanks

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