Kid Carpet’s Super Mega Rockin’ Rockshow at Wardrobe Theatre

Old Market Assembly Rooms
11am & 2pm Saturday 22nd – Friday 28th October 2016.

It’s getting a wee bit nippy outside. So why not take a trip to the cosy little Wardrobe Theatre at The Assembly Rooms in Old Market and seriously Rock Out with Kid Carpet this half term? We did just that this afternoon and, having loaded ourselves to the gunnels with shockingly scrumptious cake in the Cafe, piled into the, full to capacity, auditorium.

If you’ve not borne witness to the legend-in-his-own-lunch-time that is Kid Carpet then you’ll need to brace yourself for a phenomenal blend rocking tunes, comedy antics, low tech animation, puppetry and audience participation galore. If you’re lucky enough to have seen any of the saga of Noisy Animals shows, Low-Fi  punk rock gigs or indeed the magnificent Castle Builder you will not be disappointed.
I’m just so grateful that my kids are fans of this home-grown, irreverent, hilarious left-field geezer. They’ve been loyal followers since 2012. This show is a compilation of the Noisy Animals greatest hits with the statutory, and now infamous, Dance Contest duly mixed in for good measure.
Kid Carpet’s Super Mega Rokin’ Rock Show will, like wood, warm you twice. Once as you rock your socks off, and twice as basking in the post-show glow you merrily go skipping off chanting them tunes. Get yourselves some tickets!

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