Albee Vector the Sound Collector at Bristol Old Vic

Who would have imagined that you could squeeze Homer’s Odyssey into a sound-hoover? Well Greenlight Theatre have managed to achieve just that in the guise of Albee Vector the Sound Collector. In this retelling for children of the classic tale, our hero Albee must travel to the ends of the earth to find the most beautiful sound in the world. There are many adventures along the way; will Albee defeat the cyclops and learn the true meaning of the sound he seeks?

This fabulous hour long interactive children’s show is just one component of The Bristol Old Vic’s fantastic Half Term Havoc, is an epic tale of love, adventure and a sound-hoover called Mustard. My boys (6 and 9 years old) were won over in a matter of moments by this truly unique and remarkable show, delivered with immense energy and joy by two amazingly talented performers. I was quite taken aback to find myself both guffawing with laughter and entranced with delight as I merrily pitched in with the sound effects Albee needed to retell this legend. From the tiniest prop to the kinetic choreography, there was exquisite care and detail given to every element of this brilliant show. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed performers switch characters with such alacrity. Truly magical, raucously funny, slightly frightening and, quite frankly, not long enough. We can’t wait for the next instalment of this Odyssey.

Be quick if you want to catch this wondrous show, Albee Vector the Sound Collector is on until Friday 12th Feb at Bristol Old Vic.

Review by Jessie Currie

One thought on “Albee Vector the Sound Collector at Bristol Old Vic

  • 14/02/2016 at 23:39

    I saw this play at the Edinburgh Fringe in August. I can totally agree with what is said in this review. It was a hoot for all ages – we took friends over 60 and they loved it!
    I would also like more adventures for Albee!


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