Extravaganza at Brewery Theatre

We’d seen Le Navet Bete a couple of times before, so when this mother and daughter got to Brewery Theatre in North Street, Bristol, we knew that the tears would roll at some point.

That happened about five minutes into Extravaganza and we barely stopped laughing, proper, full-on laughing, for the next hour or so.

4 men. 4 clowns. 4 idiots. Romano, Hans, David, Keith. Each unique, each funny in his own right.  As a team, they’re a bloody riot. All Hans wants to do is tell you about his little known country (don’t ask me what it’s called; it’s so ridiculous, I could never spell it) but his bonkers team won’t let him: too busy being acrobats, riding unicycles, setting fire to stuff, punching each other, singing, being daft, stupid, bananas, hilarious.  They are completely madcap – you don’t need a story, you don’t need a review. What you need is a big old, heartfelt belly laugh. So, if you like your humour slapstick style, please just do it; go and have some fun.

I would see these guys every week if I could.  In fact, I’m thinking of running away to the circus.

Here’s what TCO, my 7 year old, thought of it all

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Extravaganza is on at Brewery Theatre until Saturday 31st May

– Review by Celeste and Becky Condron

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