Finding your Feet (Preview) at Cineworld, Weston-s-Mare

Yes, you did read that correctly – this is a hot off the press review of a film which won’t hit the cinema circuit until next month!

In a nutshell, the plot of Finding your Feet is a variation on a well tried formula, concerning a middle class and very judgemental woman nearing retirement age, who is devastated by her husband’s affair, so decamps to live with her estranged sister on an impoverished inner city council estate.

Her initial horror at her sister’s Bohemian life style and happy-go-lucky circle of friends becomes acceptance and then blossoms into a whole new world of experience and transformation, which will resonate so well with many of us with a few more years under our belts than we might actually wish for.

With a cast including Celia Imri, Imelda Staunton, Joanna Lumley and Timothy Spall, this was always going to be a winner, and I laughed, cried, held my breath and hoped as the sub plots unfolded and characterisation shone through. Writers Meg Leonard and Nick Moorcroft could not have asked for better conveyers of their well-chosen words and Director Richard Loncraine must have thanked his lucky stars to work with this dream team of actors.

Cineworld officially opens in Weston-super-Mare this weekend, and the venue is certainly living up to my expectations by being opulent, state of the art and huge – 8 screens and seating for 1500 people, all agog for the complete movie experience.

Accessing this first experience of Cineworld via two long and disconcertingly blue lit escalators, the main foyer is glitzy and leaves a lot of room for the added extras in terms of “outlets” which are no doubt planned for the future, and the preview was shown on the second biggest screen, with all the benefits of floor to ceiling viewing, fantastic sound quality and very comfortable and roomy seating; the only drawback for me being the simple fact that I couldn’t make use of the headrest, being only Minion size in stature!

However, that was made up for by my childlike delight in realising that stepping down from my tiered seat was quite safe in this venue, as the aisle to my side was illuminated as soon as I was upright – great for anyone who might be a little immobile or have minor sight issues.

This is certainly a showcase venue for our Town Centre re-development, and I’m sure everyone will have the same positive experience as I have just had … see you there soon!

Finding your Feet is on general release on 23rd February

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