Hormonal Housewives at The Playhouse, Weston

Well, if ever there was an evening to be grateful for the comfort of Tena Lady products, this was the one!

Take a trio of performers who are totally at one with the life challenges and common experiences of their audience, add in a handful of accompanying males who were probably desperately trying to tune into the wonderful maze that is the average female psyche, and you have a recipe for a series of sketches that are bound to strike a receptive chord in all ages, from angst driven teens to postmenopausal solidarity.

Hormonal Housewives opens with a night out being planned by Vicki (Vicki Michelle) and Julie (Julie Coombe) as a means of propelling their newly divorced friend Jo (Josephine Partridge) back into the “new relationship” arena. This gives all three the perfect opportunity for a full scale excoriation of the sexual expectations and prowess of their current and previous partners, with one liners that combine practicality with sexuality in a way that is much appreciated by the packed auditorium; the statement “ If God was a woman, she would have made semen taste like chocolate” being my favourite of the evening!

The sketches that follow are all based around the kind of daily preoccupations or rituals that involve us all, but taken to an hilarious extreme, such as the shopper in Lidl who was arrested and accused of Bio terrorism because she was attempting to scatter her mother’s ashes in her favourite spot, which just happened to be the central shopping aisle, or the hugely exaggerated  “Minge make over”, featuring a new Black and Decker device called The Quimmer!

All the sketches are entertaining and very well though through, but the one that really delighted  me is set in a gym, with fitness fanatic Jo desperately trying to persuade ultra – laid back Vicki to break into a sweat, even at the risk of damaging her latest pedicure. Julie’s performance as a wildly enthusiastic and completely unco-ordinated gym bunny is the work of genius, and all around me, I heard the same comment “Oh, that’s just like me!”.

Julie Coombe, who co-wrote Hormonal Housewives with her husband, John MacIsacc,  is a real gem of a comedienne, with perfect timing and a wonderful mixture of pathos and self deprecation; taking part in a frenetic dance routine and then having enough breath to announce “I’m more Bouncy Castle than Beyonce”  gets a thumbs up from me every time.

If this is the kind of entertainment that the Red Production and Creative Team have in store for us, then I hope to see many more of their shows in Weston-super-Mare… a great night out at the Playhouse!


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