How Cold my Toes at Brewery Theatre


How Cold my Toes performance was a fantastic journey through the seasons. It kept my 3 year old son captivated throughout the entire show. I was impressed at how a performance for young children could also be so enjoyable for the accompanying adults. We both giggled lots at the seasonal antics of the two performers, especially the very messy summer ice cream eating and the rolling around in the autumn leaves. My son was amazed to see the spring flowers shooting up and loved the building of the snowman in winter.

The music was playful and added to the sense of fun that the performers portrayed. Both Joel Daniel and Laura Street danced in perfect time to the music. They used simple props, which never cluttered the stage and allowed for seamless transition into the next season. I would highly recommend this fun show to anyone with a young child.


How Cold are my Toes is on at Brewery Theatre until Sunday 6th July

– Review by Emma Warren




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