We Are Ian at The Wardrobe Theatre

We are Ian is like watching three aliens arrive on stage and learn the way of the humans through the God-like words of Acid House music. As the three, young, bright eyed, decorator-dressed women listen to extracts from an interview with ‘Ian’ (a party-goer from the 80’s) they embody his words and the law of partying.

Performers Kat Cory, Dora Lynn, and Nora Alexander ramp up the energy with banging music, flashing lights, gurning and huge wide eyes. I’m transported back to my teenage days. Within minutes the entire audience was on its feet doing dance moves ‘Hot Potato’ and ‘Cold Spaghetti’. Pure and simple joy in movement was infectious and the audience at the Wardrobe theatre were ready.

As we travelled though music, dance and Ian’s words we were lead through the political era where Acid House peaked and it all ‘went to shit with Thatcher’. Using projections behind the rampant dancers, the simplicity of the performances was contrasted by news clips and protests of the time. This led us to now and our time with Teresa May and Trump’s faces writ large on the wall. The message was clear ‘What are we going to do about it?’ ‘What are you going to do about it?’ Ian suggests ‘Getting out there and making some shit up’ and that is what this company are doing. As they dance and sweat and shout ‘Turn the fucking music up’ there comes an uncomfortable point in the performance where the they have plainly gone as far as they can go. The story seems to pause and the audience are looking at each other rather than what’s happening on stage. It’s then Kat, Dora and Nora turn to us, the audience and say ‘What are you going to do about it? Give up? Or come together and dance?’.

They have a good point. Get tickets, be raised to your feet, get out in the world and connect with real people. Make a difference and come and see We Are Ian by ‘In Bed With Your Brother’. Be sure to wear your dancing shoes.

We are Ian is part of Tobacco Factory Theatres Beyond 

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Image by Matt Austin, with thanks

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