Jack and the Beanstalk at The Playhouse, Weston

After two very difficult years, Panto is back to raise our spirits and entertain us all. Hurrah!

The Playhouse, Weston, was very busy with lots of families and the atmosphere was so very festive.

The music starts, the curtain rises on Jack and the Beanstalk Ö

Wow, the cast and crew came to entertain, and entertain they certainly did. Jokes came thick and fast; the first Boris Johnson gag was barely a couple of minutes in and these continued to flow. That great British sense of humour, being able to laugh at the situation we are currently in, is alive and well with jokes about masks, cheese & wine parties and Peppa Pig World quick to follow.

All of the set designs and costumes were wonderfully made, down to to the finishing touches of the Welsh Fairy Godmotherís wand Ė a sparkly daffodil! Brightly dressed and enticing for the younger audience, the cast kept the story alive alongside some more modern song adaptations, including an excellent and hilarious í12 Days of Christmasí.

It never ceases to amaze how the children watching seem to instinctively know when to boo or hiss and each and every time their efforts were met with enjoyment and laughter, creating a letís go round again, fun-for-all feedback loop.

All of the characters were brilliantly played: the Princess with her Father the King; the pantomime villain; the menacing giant; the Fairy Godmother; Jack, played by Channel 5 Milkshake! presenter Derek Moran; Jack’s brother, Simon, the dancers/villagers and, of course, Daisy the Cow. Our Panto Dame was in full flow, interacting with a very willing member of our audience, Clive, who took it all in good humour.

General audience participation was adapted to pandemic days and we all stayed firmly in our seats but this didnít once stop us from being able to join in fully. The children (and adults) still managed to have a good old sing and dance, adding to the feeling of involvement. And, meanwhile, the hard-working musicians delivered a seamless performance and kept our feet tapping right to the very end.

Am I glad we went along to the 2021 Pantomime at The Playhouse, Weston?



Jack and the Beanstalk runs at The Playhouse, Weston, until 2nd January 2022. Tickets are available†HERE

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