Mice on Skates at Brewery Theatre


Fly in a Pie Productions treated me and my family to a whirlwind gallivant through Europe on roller skates in search of The World’s Best Cheese with two intrepid trailblazing mice, Brainy and Brawny. A theme surely long overdue its turn in the limelight. The slapstick tomfoolery was complemented by amusing word play and slick puppetry skills, creating an overall effect that captivated us all.
Both children (4 and 1 years) were utterly charmed by the animal puppets, I chuckled heartily to the amusing nods to current affairs and we all jiggled away to the varied soundtrack. The German techno-maus section was a particular hit.

The only note that rang a little off was the unfortunate inclusion of a scary scene in the channel tunnel but, of course, the creators couldn’t have predicted the sad related news and the children in the audience wouldn’t have been any the wiser.

It was a lovely touch to bring the puppets out at the end of the show for the children to meet and we all left squeaking with delight at this cheesy tail. Erm I mean tale.


Mice on Skates is show at Brewery Theatre until 9th August


Review by Emma-Louise  Hardman

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