Nutty Noah: Wear your Pants with Pride at Brewery Theatre



Nutty Noah is a humorous act for ages 3-11yr olds!

The show started with a bit of hilarious tension with a pre-recorded comical sketch detailing the battle between Nutty Noah and Magic Mike. It was a great scene setter and created a sense of anticipation for the live show.

The live show started with Nutty Noah capturing the children’s imagination and creating lots of laughter with his magic tricks.

There was a good mix of silliness and madness but Nutty Noah also catered for the adults in the room by including jokes aimed at the older audience. At one point he had a parent involved in the show, who was a great sport and played along with the role!

The show went on a journey that included lots of singing, juggling, and a new Nutty Noah creation called the ‘boob-a-phone’, magic tricks, unique knee puppetry and a special instrumental finale.

Nutty Noah obviously has a huge fan base as at times it felt everyone in the room knew what was coming and was part of the act! He created a party atmosphere where everyone was invited!

The average age of the audience was 6yrs old and Noah handled there excitement perfectly, coping with shouting, a child who apparently knew better than Noah and of course the many exits to the loo that comes with a show aimed at this age range; although Noah managed to incorporate this into the show, continuing the theme of toilet humour!

The final singing number has a great finishing touch, which makes use of the 3,456m of loo rolls he has recently had to purchase!

I personally would have liked the show to have been centred more around ‘wear your pants with pride’ as the title suggests but the show was still amazingly funny and even as an 11yr old I found it amusing.

Note from Mum;

I must admit when we arrived I thought this was going to be too young for James but as the show progressed I could see him laughing and joining in. It was a reminder to me that children love silliness whatever their age! Noah had a great way with the children, dealing with them as they crashed the stage and heckled him from the audience! A seasoned children’s entertainer nothing seemed to faze him and he had a great manner and energy throughout the show.


Nutty Noah: Wear your Pants with Pride shows at Brewery Theatre Until Sunday 31st May


– Review by James Hurst, 11yrs.

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