WsMum Becky is going to Calais Refugee Community Kitchen. Can you help?

I am travelling to Calais to help support the Refugee Community Kitchen there for 3 days (20-22 Dec), mostly preparing food to be sent out to refugees still in dire need in the camps of Dunkerque and Grande Synthe in northern France.

I need financial help to travel there and to find accommodation. I really hope you can help. if I am lucky enough to raise above the funds necessary, I will donate the rest to Refugee Community Kitchen so they can buy much needed food for their amazing work.

Please donate the price of a Christmas card (or more if you like) by clicking the PayPal button below

Thank you


From Refugee Community Kitchen:

“After last month’s evictions of the Calais camp, Refugee Community Kitchen has carried on feeding the 1200 residents of the Grande Synthe Camp in Dunkirk every day.

“We are also coordinating, with the help of Calais Kitchens, the supply of fresh and dry food for the communal kitchens in Grande Synthe (run by SWK) that provide breakfast and dinner everyday as well as the stocking of the free shops that provide everything needed for the residents to cook for themselves in the communal rocket-stove powered kitchens.”

Read more about the kitchen here

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