The Liminal

Adjective: liminal li-mu-n(u)l 1. At a threshold or transitional stage 2. Of a stimulus just strong enough to be consciously experienced

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The Liminal was born out of a need to find something different to do during the evenings in Weston-super-Mare. Speaking to a couple of authors on twitter, we realised that there was no real platform for us to hear their work, in their own words, without travelling to the city.

We got together a few phenomenal writers and held our first Liminal at Dr Fox’s Tearoom on Knightstone Island to the sound of jet skis in the summer of 2012.

Since then, the Liminal has welcomed published authors, aspiring writers and simply those with something interesting to say to take the stand and share their work with us over wine or tea in a number of Weston venues, such as The Rowan Tearooms at the Old Town Quarry, Coco’s Deli, Loves Cafe and Karen Blake’s NSA Venue 90.

Authors have included Attila the Stockbroker, Gareth L Powell, Emma Newman, Kevlin Henney, June Bastable, Alienora Taylor, Chris Knight, Brian Austin, Conrad Collinge, Lilly Kate Nicholls and Joanne Hall! Weston-super-Mums Ashlene Bishop, Karen Blake, Mark Bradshaw and Becky Condron have all stood tall on the platform too.

We’ll be announcing a new Liminal soon. where you can come and enjoy the words of others or maybe get up during the open mic session and tell us a tale of your own?

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