The wonderful world of running….

Hi my name is Cat and I am going to be blogging about running, exercise and probably will drift into crafts and cooking because I am always doing one or the other….

I am a mother of 3 birth kids+ 4 step kids and my first grandchild is being cooked as we speak/read/type.

I have previously run three marathons and taken part in numerous triathlons and adventure racing. This gives an unreal illusion that I am some kind of fit bunny! Trust me I am not!!

What I am is a very normal mother who needs to get the dogs out and needs a challenge to keep me sane.

What I will do is share my progress (or lack of it) along with whatever other things I wish to indulge myself by sharing. Please feel free to comment or even come and join me on a run!! I love to run with other people as talking to myself is getting me funny looks. Also as an aside people also give you funny looks if you compliment them on your run past :).

So it has taken me a little while to get the guts to do this but I have been keeping a little diary so my blog posts will start in January then skip to now with nothing in between except tired legs and stacks of calories consumed.

Hope you enjoy reading and please feedback.


Cat xx

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