Tortoise V Hare at Theatre Tropicana

Howard Coggins and Stu McLoughlin are ‘Living Spit’. Just two guys, playing several characters, with very simple props and singing voices that will never win XFactor but the two surely prove that ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’

Over the last couple of years I saw their interpretations of A Christmas Carol and Frankenstein at the Tobacco Factory Theatre in Bristol so I knew I’d enjoy this new production and booked without even knowing what to expect. What we witnessed at the Tropicana on Tuesday night was poetry to my ears! Well maybe not pure poetry – but it rhymed – at times only just! The audience loved it, broad grins across their faces when they weren’t laughing out loud. This, ‘Living Spit’s’ third rhyming production, was my first! They’ve got the formula spot on. It was quirky, funny and allegorical. A hymn to determination and doggedness.

The theme? Yes! The feckless Toby ‘Tortoise’ Gallop finds himself up against his childhood bully, the returning international hero runner, Barry Hare when the two meet at Wrington Running Club. There’s a love interest and Toby challenges Barry to a marathon. What happens next….

Energy, musicality, humour and clever linguistics. What more could you ask? Oh yes. No, it doesn’t have a perfect Hollywood ending…..

P.S. I love being able to see quality shows like this in Weston-super-Mare and not having to drive up to Bristol or elsewhere. Well done Tropicana Programme Management!


Tortoise V Hare is at Theatre Tropicana on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th June, 7:30pm.

Tickets available from the Trop beach cafe in person (10% discount) or on the door. Alternatively you can buy them online from TFT

Find out more about Living Spit here

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