Blush at The Wardrobe Theatre

Snuff Box Theatre brings Blush to The Wardrobe Theatre after a much-acclaimed UK tour, and high praise from the Edinburgh Festival. As usual, the space is made for this kind of work, shocking in its intimacy, stifling and powerful. Blush is a gut-punch, an adrenaline rush.

Based on this relatively new form of sexual abuse, revenge porn permeates the life of five characters (all played by Dan Foxworth and Charlotte Josephine). Charlotte Josephine explores sexual abuse and misogyny with voyeuristic detail, humour, and intensity. Overwhelmingly, all the characters go on a journey of shame. This shame is invasive, insidious, and played beautifully by both cast members.

Charlotte Josephine and Dan Foxworth are incredible, bravely conquering every uncomfortable emotion and moment with fine detail and amazing power, their performances are relentless. They effortlessly switch between characters, giving each one definition and strength, blurring the lines as the piece becomes more and more chaotic and frenzied. I was left in awe at their work.

For me, there has to be a mention for the movement, credited to Polly Bennett. The choreography, the staging, the collaboration and juxtaposition of movement with this beautiful spoken word was just stunning and so effective. The work is less of a dialogue and more of separate and intertwined spoken word pieces, and this feels so isolating and so intentional.

Another great piece from Snuff Box Theatre, Charlotte Josephine’s writing continues their fearless and challenging works. Blush is vital and electrifying, a weapon, a battle cry.


Blush shows at The Wardrobe Theatre until Sat 24th June


You can find out more about Snuff Box here

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