Weston-super-Mum meets the cast of Aladdin at the Playhouse, Weston

Now that the summer is over and the leaves are beginning to fall, we’re turning our heads to a packed season of theatre in Bristol and Weston. And, look behind you, because that means the return of good old Panto!

This year, The Playhouse, Weston, welcomes back Aladdin and we were lucky enough to be invited to the press launch, where we were treated to a ‘Sneaky Peking’ of some of the fun headed our way. Expect a hell a lot of nastiness from bad boy John Altman (aka EastEnders’ Nasty Nick) as Abanazar, sweet voices and loveliness from Rebecca Hazel (Princess Jasmine) and Daniel Slade (Aladdin), colour and innuendo from David Rumelle’s Widow Twankey, silliness from writer Mike Goble as Wishee Washee and what promises to be a shining Weston debut for the sparkly camp Genie (Joseph Batchelor). And, of course, they’ll all be joined on stage by a singing, dancing ensemble of adults and (local) children. Oh, the joy!

Christmas is certainly coming to WsM and tickets to Aladdin are available here!

We can’t blinking wait. But for now …

Becky and Liv interview Princess Jasmine and Abanazar:

Interview with Rebecca Hazel:

Liv: Who’s the Funniest member of the cast?
Rebecca: I would say that Joseph, who plays the Genie, is very, very funny – he’s a little bit naughty backstage and he’s always playing tricks. But we’re all bright funny characters, which is important for panto

Liv: Which is the best character in Aladdin?
Rebecca: The baddie, Abanazar. I think that, as an actor, it’s always fun to play the nasty character, the baddy. But, then again, if you’re the Princess, like I am, you get to wear some really nice dresses and you get treated exactly like a Princess. But Jasmine is very strong willed and never lets all those boys mess her around

Liv: What’s the last thing you do before going on stage?
Rebecca: When I wait in the wings, I always check my costume, just to make sure my skirt isn’t tucked into my pants and I’m not going to embarrass myself. And I also go over my first line in my head just to get myself in the zone

Liv: if you could play any other character in Aladdin, who would it be?
Rebecca: I’d like to play Aladdin because I’ve always wanted to play a principal boy but it’s not done very often now – I’d love to see that brought back


Interview with John Altman:

Becky: What are you looking forward to doing in Weston-super-Mare?
John: I don’t know the town so it will be interesting to explore

Becky: Abanazar is pretty evil! Do you ever get to play nice characters?
John: Occassionally but not often. I always play the baddy in pantomime.

Becky: If you had to cast an EastEnders character as Widow Twankey, who would it be?
John: It would have to be a man. I think Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale). He could do it – I could see him dressed up as Widow Twankey.

Becky: In 2001, you won Rear of the Year! Do we get to see Abanazar shaking it in Weston this year?
John: Haha! It was a long time ago. I don’t know. I’ve still got the Trophy though

Becky: If you, John Altman, had a magic lamp, what would you wish for?
John: I would wish for peace in Iraq – a tall order, I know – and also for freedom for all the people in Palestine. Then the whole of the Middle East might calm down a bit.


Liv with Abanazar



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