DollyWould at The Wardrobe Theatre

If you like breasts, sheep, Dolly Parton and death, then DollyWould by Sh!t Theatre is perfect for you. Shambolic, wide eyed but definitely not innocent, Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit are utterly committed to Dolly and Dolly and tits and death – they have tattoos on their legs of Dolly to prove it, (Dolly Parton, not Dolly the cloned sheep – although personally I think a tattoo of Dolly the cloned sheep would be a great addition to the other leg. On both of them).

My favourite moment was when Louise and Rebecca each wore a giant breast and swung from a frame, using the strength in their own arms. While they hung from the metal frame, real comments from interviews with Dolly Parton were played, comments that highlighted how Dolly Parton (not Dolly the sheep – but maybe I missed something) has been mainly quizzed not about her talent and hugely successful business sense but about her breasts and her body and her sexuality.

Louise and Rebecca on the surface were seemingly effortlessly chaotic, performing a well timed and clever piece of theatre. The delivery (and some may say the thought process of devising such a piece) is as straight forward as several balls of string. This is multi-layered and the audience could choose to engage at which ever pace they felt comfortable.

As I chatted to the friends in the audience, these word flew around, ‘That was fucking mental’ ‘They are fucking mental’ ‘They were inspiring- they truly understood Dolly and her life and who she is as a person’ ‘Why all the death?’ ‘I love breasts’. If these are the kind of words you would like in your brain after seeing a show – book your ticket.


DollyWould finishes on 21st April at The Wardrobe Theatre


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