George Egg at The Wardrobe Theatre

George Egg is most definitely not having a breakdown and his wife is definitely not leaving him. ‘DIY Chef’ is an hour’s journey into an anarchic cookery show, told with a comic storyteller’s mouth.

Handling the raucous audience as adaptly as his power tools, you can really sit back and relax as breakfast, lunch and dinner are DIY’d up. Eggs and kippers cooked with bungees and a wallpaper stripper are just the beginning.

In amongst the joviality are punctuated moments of poetry. These are as serious and absurd as the cooking implements. Personally I’m inspired to get a blow torch and shred fresh pasta in an office shredder.

At the end of the set George and his nominated food critics carry the three dishes into the restaurant area of the Wardrobe and invite the audience to taste the dishes on the way out.
Comments from food tasting were ‘It’s absolutely banging.’ and ‘I could die happy.’

I was pleasantly surprised how tasty the power tooled food was. For me ‘DIY Chef’ is a preferable cookery show to the mainstream TV cookery shows on offer.  Somehow cooking with a drill in one hand, the bladder of a wine box in the air and handfuls of black salt, appeals more than a quiet conventional kitchen.

George Egg is currently on tour

Find out what else is showing at The Wardrobe Theatre on their website

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