Instant Wit at Tropicana Theatre


You can never tell quite what you’re going to get at an Instant Wit gig, dependant as it is upon the blend of actors/comedians upon the stage and the personality of their audience. Each shuffle of performers will have its own idiosyncrasies and rapport, while every auditorium produces its individual gaggle of onlookers from the general public, some undoubtedly being more receptive, more game than others.

What you are guaranteed is an evening of improvised sketches, a unique set of criteria that makes for a silly, fun evening.

The former Dismaland/Tropicana has attracted a decent crowd for tonight’s clever daftness and Kirsty, Chris, Peta and Colin are about to transform the seafront venue that housed Banksy’s dystopian nightmare into a joyous receptacle of innuendo and skill, helped along by suggestions from the audience. None of these performers embarrass easily – you really have to be prepared to give your all in an Instant Wit show, no blanching, no holds barred. And our trio of wordsmiths take on the challenge, delivering almost two hours worth of tireless comedic chat, weaving unlikely scenarios from a shouted-out word, name, place or occupation, all helped along terrifically by the energy of Colin on his organ, who keeps pace throughout, as crucial to the show as a Christie in a silent movie – his multi-genre rendition of SClub7’s Reach for the Stars is possibly the highlight of the night.

If you missed them this time around, Instant Wit are back at The Bay on Thursday 14th January with a completely different line-up and another set of criteria proposed by a brand new audience. You should take a stroll down Weston seafront and see what happens.

Tickets are priced £10 (£8 for groups of 6+) are available from Tobacco Factory Theatres’ website

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