Medea at Theatre Tropicana

A sequel to Jason and the Argonauts, after ten years of marriage between sorceress Medea and adventure-addicted Jason their relationship ends suddenly.

Jason is tempted away by the promise of his rightful place on the throne but, by having to marry a much younger bride to gain this, he loses his beloved Medea and the children she bore him. There will be a terrible price to pay for his betrayal.

A full standing experience for this production, making full use of the large space available to them, the audience are guided to different sets for each new chapter by the masked friends of Medea. The cast create scenes with an atmosphere that could easily make us think we were right there in a Greek theatron. Cast members are right in with you making you part of the experience, you are one of Medea’s friends, helping her in her plight. The expressionless masks and gender neutral attire add to this ancient story first written over 400 years BC.

Medea has been done wrong and seeks to make Jason pay for this, you feel she is justified by his easy disloyalty. Women without their men are outcasts, without means or protection, especially ones who has been made infamous because of all the terrible things they have done in the name of love.

Strangely, you do end up siding with her and almost understanding the terrible things she does in the act of seeking revenge.

Jason was a fool and got what he deserves. It was all such a terrible waste.
As one audience member whispered “This is why you don’t get married after only one date”.
Good advice!


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Image by Matt Austin, with thanks

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