Megson at St George’s, Bristol

Thursday night took us to the amazing St George’s to see married duo Megson, made up of Debs and Stu Hanna. I hadn’t heard of them before but after reading the bio and knowing it was at St George’s, I knew I couldn’t be disappointed. The tour is titled ‘Good Times Will Come Again’ and after events this week I needed something to help me believe that.

As a folk band from Teesside, they did a mix of old songs and songs from the new album as well as traditional folk from the North East. They talked of writing about their heritage, communities and experiences growing up in the North East. Their songs were a good mix of love, humour and politics. With an array of instruments at their feet they showed how musically talented they are.

Debs Hanna has a beautiful voice and can certainly hold a tune which she proved to great effect when she started one ballad acapella. I was impressed at her musical range and, depending on what she sang, I could hear and enjoy the North-East lilt to her singing voice, adding an air of authenticity to the topic. My favourite of the night was ‘Burn away’ a song about the dying of the iron and steel industry. The rhythm and words were so poignant and well thought out; I could feel the men at work and the heat of the works. I felt transported and emotional at the loss of these industries to the modern financially driven ways of our current world.

With the political was also the fun and the song about the bits and bobs we all store in boxes in our lofts and cupboards was both lovely and funny. They sing of the memories attached to the ‘junk’ we have and each broken or unused item has its history with the family life bringing up memories and special moments.

Having gone to see them blind I should say I was not disappointed, on a dreary cold Thursday evening it was a struggle to make myself go but I am glad I did. I enjoyed the night and my resolve to leave at the interval if not up to scratch was easily forgotten, as I stayed to the speedy encore (as they confessed they were in a rush to get to the bar). I was warmed by Deb’s joy, shown in her almost constant smile, as much as the chemistry the two obviously have, which benefits their music.

I will definitely be happy to see them again and would recommend, if you need a cheery night to brighten your world, that you go see them too.


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