Puxton Unveils Meerkat Manor & New Major Attraction

A COLONY of Meerkats and Fallow Deer have arrived at a popular South West tourist attraction where they can now been seen up close by visitors.

Puxton Park has added the colony following requests by its visitors for Meerkats to join the park, and have expanded the animal team by appointing a new experienced keeper.

Meerkats are a small mammal and a member of the mongoose family famed for their upright posture, as they often stand on their rear legs to gaze over their inhabitant.


Fallow Deer are known for their white spotted chestnut coat with a white rump patch and a fairly long tail, and it is hoped the new arrivals may breed at the park in the future.

Both the Meerkats and Fallow Deer have arrived as Puxton prepares to unveil its new major attraction, the Horse and Barrel Carousel ride and a new Soccer Shoot.

Visitors enjoying new carousel ride
Visitors enjoying new carousel ride

Alistair Mead, Puxton’s Managing Director, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome these wonderful creatures to Puxton Park.

“We hope our visitors will enjoy meeting the new arrivals and we are also delighted to unveil yet another major attraction, our new Carousel ride and a Soccer target Shoot.”

The Meerkats and Fallow Deer join hundreds of fascinating animals at the adventure Park, which is one of the most popular attractions in the South West.

On top of these new animals, Puxton has created new chicken pens and will be adding some rare breeds and quails over the coming months.

For further information please contact reception on 01934 523500, visit www.puxton.co.uk or email nikki@puxtonmarketing.co.uk

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