Queen Cunt at The Wardrobe Theatre

A cunt-troversal contempory ‘Vagina Monologues, dripping with dark humour with large gushings of conversations about cunts’. Dominating the stage is a voluptuous vulva* draped in silk, we are intermittently treated to a talking ‘Big Clit’ played by Naomi Smyth projected onto the sculpture. Accompanying these moments was ‘Little Clit’ played by Maeve Bell. Maeve embodies the clown in clit and has the audience wetting their pants with laughter.

In their quest to ‘smash the patriarchy’ they leave nothing untouched, God, Jesus, Men, women, Adam, Eve, plastic surgery, bikers, singing clitorises – you name it they have it. A stunning kaleidoscope of character changes, China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette effortlessly manifest a myriad display of sacred and/or profane characters to explore and challenge the accepted norms in our society.

As well as pushing boundaries and smashing through stereotypes, this show is a celebration of women, pleasure and the many differing shades of sexuality. Bert, who is born from the ‘goddess cunt’ (played by China) shared his wisdom ‘When the power of a woman is so great she will birth a revolution’. These women are on the edge of bringing the spark or revolution to a theatre near you. You will know when they are in your area, you will see women (90 per cent of the audience), a few men and some glorious people transcended by gender huddled in groups whispering ‘cunt’ and laughing darkly.

Swinging both ways with the audience, China and Deborah pinned the them to their seats and with equal passion, brought themout on stage to act their own fruit based porn scene….
Bringing them to tears and receiving a standing ovation, this show will change lives.

This has been the first run of Queen Cunt but I do not doubt that this show will run and run and morph and change in the process. See all the shows, stay and bathe in the warm glow of these cunts, they have super-powers and they will smash the patriachy.

*Yes vulva not vagina. We are educated by China and Deborah throughout the show. Our first fact is that vagina means ‘sheath for a sword’.


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