Vicki Workman at Queenies Hair Salon, Kewstoke

Iíve always been a bit phobic about going to the hairdressers, stemming back from an experience in the 90ís. All the girls had those crispy perms with the poker straight fringe, and I wanted one. Sadly, the hairdresser I went to only knew how to perm old ladies hair so she did that on me. Thirteen year old me spent a good few months of shame looking like a particularly bouffy standard poodle and was traumatised by the thought of heading into the hairdressers. Above anything else, I am allergic to small talk, so this adds to the pain of the experience for me. Luckily, in the last week I have found a hairdresser who has cured me of my fear. Hooray! Itís only taken 40 yearsÖ

I met Vicki Workman after she contacted us at Weston-super-Mum earlier this summer. Vicki was due to move to Weston, didn’t know anyone and wanted to meet other parents and find out about things happening locally for families. We met for a coffee and hit it off. I love the fact that Weston-super-Mum is still a place where people can make links and I can make new friends; originally that was what it was set up for and I am still friends with all of the small group of people who helped get it off the ground and grow it in its early days. Vicki has established herself really well in the town since moving here only a matter of months ago. She used to run a hairdressing salon where she lived previously. Despite being unsure if she would continue in the hairdressing business when she moved to Weston, the pull of a career which she is clearly very talented in and passionate about what too much and she recently started working part time at Queenies Hair Salon in Kewstoke. Vicki is keen to build a client base, so on Friday 1st December I visited her at the Salon so that she could attempt to tame my unkempt mop of hair and show off her skills.

I arrived at the salon with the usual nerves that I get when entering into the hairdressers, but I needn’t have worried and Vicki immediately put me at ease. Queenies is a relaxed and friendly feeling salon, with a very vintage feel. I’ve seen photos of Vicki’s work and she is fantastic at vintage styles like victory rolls and the 1940’s bombshell look. However, even though this is very much her style, Vicki is really knowledgeable and able to turn her hand to more contemporary looks and styles. She also really listened to me and ‘got’ me. I am RUBBISH with hair, cannot style it and really need something where I can just get up, run a brush through it (sometimes!) and go. I have had hairdressers in the past see my thick hair as a project and cut a style that THEY want rather than what I do. Vicki gave me a simple cut, but it really made the most of my hair and made me leave the salon feeling great. More importantly though, I actually enjoyed the whole experience. The conversation flowed easily, the coffee was appreciated and the atmosphere of the place was relaxed. I would highly recommend Vicki, she clearly knows her stuff and is friendly and chatty too.



This time, I am determined not to leave it over a year between haircuts, but that will be easier to manage now that I have found a hairdresser I love and, most importantly, trust with my hair. Why not give Queenies a ring on 01934 632231 to make an appointment?

I’m really glad Vicki contacted Weston-super-Mum, and we all wish her the very best in her new venture.

Review by Karen Blake.

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