Simon and Garfunkel: Through the Years at The Playhouse, Weston

Just like the wonderful duo they pay tribute to in their shows, Dave Haynes and Pete Richards have been friends since their youth, and this understanding and blending of their musicality as the duo “Bookends” made this performance very special for me; they are quite simply breathtaking!

There is no fancy staging, no bright lights, no reliance on any artificiality at all; these two unassuming guys captivate the audience by the quality of their voices alone, and from the opening song “I am a Rock”, it was evident that the impressive shedload of Simon and Garfunkel songs starting from “Hey, school girl in the Second Row” (released as “Tom and Jerry”) was in very safe hands indeed.

They bear no physical resemblance whatsoever to the iconic Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel, but that is actually a plus, as it enables you to concentrate anew on the lyrics and just enjoy the vocal ride.

It would be impossible to pick out the best gem in this treasure chest of jewels, but “Sound of Silence” and “Cathy’s Song” were just perfect renditions, and by the time “Cecelia” had the whole audience singing along with gusto, I simply wished that the evening could re-start, and I could be wafted off into musical delight again!

The standing ovation that the Bookends duo prompted was not a surprise because these are vocal performers that are the very best of their kind, and it was a privilege to be in their company for the evening.

I will definitely be in the audience when they return to the Playhouse, Weston, which they simply must do! Don’t miss them next time round!!


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