Beyond the Barricades: 20th Anniversary Tour at The Playhouse, Weston

Well, thanks to this show, I may have to pack up my cats and move house!

The neighbours have been regaled with every compilation from the musicals that I possess, and worse; I have been murdering show tunes since returning home on Friday evening wherever I happen to be, so you can safely conclude that I loved this musical extravaganza.

The line up of artistes is truly impressive, with 4 performers who are all stars of musical theatre, and who can do full justice to the character role and passion of every song .

Each medley was preceded by a backdrop from the original stage show, and the capacity audience was regaled with delights from West Side Story to Anastasia, now playing on Broadway.

The powerful arias from shows such as Miss Saigon and Phantom of the Opera were carefully balanced with a medley of “silly” show tunes to encourage audience participation in the first half, and singing along to “Zippidee do dah”, “Bippidy Boppedy Boo” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” brought back some very happy Disney moments.

The second half was simply explosive; Chicago, Chess and Starlight Express were all featured before the ultimate in musical theatre with an emotional charge. Les Mis in all its soaring glory allowed David Fawcett, Andy Reiss, Poppy Tierney and Sarah Ryan to wring our heartstrings. I doubt that there was a dry eye in the house after their barnstorming performances, and I fell in love with both David and Andy in equal measure, floozy that I am!

This was no mere rendition of great songs. It was experiencing musical theatre at it’s very best, and it’s a formula that will go on growing as long as this art form exists.

I could have been part of any audience at a top show in London or on Broadway, but it was a privilege to witness this fabulous performance at the Playhouse.

Beyond the Barricades … may you go on forever!


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