An Evening with An Immigrant at Theatre Tropicana

I had braced myself for a show filled with tales of violence, tragedy and fear, to be crying floods of tears. And although Inua Ellams takes us there in his An Evening with an Immigrant, we hear the stories, the facts and the sorrow is tangible, we are granted a reprieve from the full force of pain by his wonderful outlook, his mastery with words – his use of the word gorgeous is gorgeous, and his luxurious poems filled the room with love and pride and made us laugh at experiences we could all identify with.

The harsh realities of the suffering that so many thousands are going through is shocking but Inua carries no bitterness at all.

I left Weston’s Theatre Tropicana humbled, inspired and deeply concerned for the plight of all migrants trying to settle in this country.

Beautifully eye-opening. Go if you can.


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