Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at The Playhouse, Weston

Right, lovely people… get the couch potato off the sofa, pack up the children and head down to the Playhouse sometime between now and Saturday, because this show is sensational!

On Opening night, the theatre was packed, and it was a joy to be at a show that appealed to the whole family, which it couldn’t fail to do with the magical Bill Kenwright touch.

Tom Bainbridge took the role of Joseph at this first of 10 shows, and he combined a great voice with excellent dramatic presence, good comedic timing and could certainly carry off the loincloth look, so all perfect as far as I was concerned!

Alexandra Doar did a brilliant job as the Narrator, possessing a beautifully clear voice, and as my companion pointed out “a very wholesome Mary Poppins kind of image.” She held the show together perfectly, making sure even the youngest members of the audience kept up with the action, and every scene benefited from superb staging and dazzling choreography.

I loved the comic effects, such as Jacob guarding flocks of small, brightly coloured woollen sheep, 11 of his sons celebrating Joseph’s supposed death in a rumbustious cowboy routine and the mighty Pharaoh transformed into an Elvis impersonator; all done with an irrepressible joy that took hold of the entire audience.

By my reckoning, this show first debuted about 46 years ago, so the songs are old familiar favourites and I have to make a mention of the 32 person junior choir members who did so well with their spirited renditions… awesome performances, guys!

Each and every member of the cast gave all that they had to their roles, and it was a privilege to have a top quality West End performance at our Playhouse.

I loved it… you’ll love it, so get on down there and book some seats while you still can.


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat is on at The Playhouse, Weston until Saturday 2nd November

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