Lego Beach at 1532 Performing Arts Centre

Amidst the brightly coloured lego bricks a darker story washes up on the shoreline of Bevill.

A lively opening sequence introduces us to the village’s key personalities. It is evident from their tales they have lived in close proximity in this quiet Cornish coastal town that has seen a decline in visitor numbers of late for many years. Business is slow and there is a sense that the second-home owners have bought up the town leaving the businesses struggling for custom.

We are introduced to three teenagers who are unlikely friends, a conservationist, an avid reader and a keen footballer waiting for her big break. The three friends spend all their time together on the beach, being encouraged by Rosie to clear it of all the litter that appears to be a never-ending task.

A freak storm that that saw a Lego containership spill 4.8 million pieces of Lego into the ocean changes the fortunes of this sleepy hollow. As the tide changes for the villagers, they see an influx of tourists and Lego enthusiasts, who descend on the village to hunt for sought after collectable pieces such as octopus and the rare Sea Dragon.

Fortunes change and the villagers are consumed by capitalising on this opportunity. However as the excitement builds and the villagers are seen to be in celebratory mood there is a darker story being told in the murky waters.

INKBLOC Ensemble are a group of 18-25 yr olds who present their debut production LEGO Beach as part of the Made in Bristol project. Being able to use the rhythm of the sea throughout the play means the group are able to create some stunning movement pieces that are both beautiful and haunting. The contrast between the nighttime eerily lit scenes and the bold brightness of the Lego boxes really support the sense of two tales being woven throughout this piece.

The production has a great mix of humour, original music and crafted storytelling. The culmination of their year together has created this moral tale that is heart touching yet sad.


Lego Beach is being performed at 1532 Performing Arts Centre at part of Bristol Old Vic Walkabout until 22nd July


Image by Paul Blakemore, with thanks

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