Moon Princess at Leigh Woods

If you’d come up the woods last night you’d never have believed your eyes! An excited gaggle of around 70 children and as many adults had gathered at the entrance to Leigh Woods for the premier of Moon Princess, The Whispering Wood Folk’s latest offering. Following the guardian of the Forest, our jovial storytelling host, along the bluebell lined path we became immersed in the tale of Princess Kaguya.

This enchanting ancient Japanese yarn has been beautifully transformed into an utterly absorbing site specific rambling experience that you will not encounter anywhere else. This vital young troop of Storytellers, Aeriel  Acrobats, Musicians and Riggers have a canny ability to transport the audience into the magical realm they conjure up before your very eyes.

There is a simple elemental beauty to this alchemic piece that has the capacity to capture the full attention of everyone present. I defy even the most dedicated philistine not to become totally absorbed in the performance and come away feeling uplifted and united by the celebration of the arrival of Spring.

So go catch this amazing show either tonight (Sat 7th May) from 7-8 pm in Leigh Woods or at Hallr Wood, Prior Park or Stourhead.

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Review by Jessie Currie

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