Solar Eclipse

I’d known about it for months but really hadn’t anticipated not being able to get a pair of filtered glasses – in 1999, you couldn’t move for them.

So, how could we view this 90% eclipse? I asked Facebook, naturally, and went with the colander option, i.e. standing with my back to the sun and holding up a kitchen colander which projected lots of small holes onto a white piece of card that I’d hooked up between the washing line and our broken fence.

At this time of year, we only get the sun in our tiny back yard from around 8am to 10am. Today that was exactly right.

My neighbour was our there with a black bin bag in front of his eyes. Rather him than me. I think he thought I was a bit of an odd one too.

Here’s what I got – Me, yes! My 8 year old was far more interested in Olly Murs on youtube! She did come down to view the peak of it though, around 9:25, when the shadows changed, the birds started to sing and the temperature dipped.

Crude, no filter, taken on my iPhone:

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