Super Sam and Mega Max Save Christmas at the Brewery Theatre (Tobacco Factory Theatres)


Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Once upon a time there were two lollipop men Sam and Max. The friends are excited to start preparing for Christmas. But wait! They have secret powers! Meet Super Sam and Mega Max.

Unfortunately while decorating their trees at Christmas (yes, a tree each to save on squabbles!), they discover there is a star-stealing thief. Uh oh! Luckily the super sleuths are on the case, with large handfuls of slapstick, funky moves and rhythms and lots of fun along the way.

The scene is jolly, homely and well designed. Using simple props (check out the slippers!) and bucketfuls of imaginative play, Sam and Max stomp, squabble and dance their way through a well choreographed show, helped in no small part by an upbeat, funk-based soundtrack by the talented Benji Bowers (the Boy Who Cried Wolf, Cinderella, the Ugly Duckling and many more). Those super heroes even get to do some beat-boxing and practice their robotic moves.

There is something timelessly funny about grown-ups imitating child’s play. Our heroes Sam and Max (skilful Rannel Theatre Company duo Matt Bailey and Joey D) carry us into their magical and imaginative world. Like silent movie sketches the appeal is universal. And the show is all the more enjoyable for that. Although aimed at children aged 2 to 6 and their families, those outside this box where obviously enjoying themselves too in the packed theatre. Moments of lights out during the performance helped to rein in short attention spans. There are plenty of hidden gems too. Look out for the superheroes in flight. Oh just the coolest getaway car!

In Super Sam and Mega Max Tobacco Factory Theatres have given us another gem. And of course there is a happy ending! It was written by local talent, Mike Akers (the Lost Present, Peter Pan, Treasure Island etc) and slickly directed by Emma Williams (the Lost Present, Wolf Tales and many more).

If you fancy some fun and sparkle with tomfoolery thrown in this could be just your ticket. Oh and crossing the road at school time may never quite be the same again.

Super Sam and Mega Max save Christmas runs at Brewery Theatre until Sunday 5th Jan.

– Review by Francesca Ward

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