The Wedding at Bristol Old Vic

Gecko are my favourite physical theatre company, I’ve seen every one of their shows and have been uplifted and inspired by every single one. It’s noticeable that Gecko draw a diverse audience to Bristol Old Vic and this is a reflection of the commitment to inclusion by the company and Amit Lahav’s artistic vision and active social conscience.


The cast all speak in different languages, communicating primarily and whole-heartedly with their bodies. This symbolises the commitment of the company to unity in a tangible way, I had a physical reaction to the sound of my own language when I heard it spoken on the stage. This provoked questions in me and rocked my comfort zone – these are the reasons I come to the theatre.


Words to describe ‘The Wedding’ include epic, poetic, ensemble, disorientating, life affirming, clown, dance, unity, brutal and not to be missed. It is often said that the narrative in Gecko’s performances is left to the audience to interpret in their own way. After a disorientating beginning with sounds of women in labour, adults being born fresh onto the stage I allowed myself to trust the process and became swept away by stunning choreography and timing. The symbolic use of the wedding dress and ceremony symbolises the commitment human beings make to upholding the fabric of society. When the balance of fair treatment and ‘right and wrong’ is tipped in a way that becomes uncomfortable or unacceptable what do we do? ‘The Wedding’ explores the risks of non-conformity and exclusion, alongside the risks of conformity and loss of self.

The skill in direction from Amit Lahav and Rich Rusk who direct the collective energy of the ensemble is palpable. ‘The Wedding’ culminates in an overwhelmingly powerful song that evokes feelings of revolution and moved me to tears. The company have re-kindled feelings of hope and the belief that together we can change the world.


There is a FREE workshop for 15 – 24 year olds 20th Jan run by Gecko. Contact Bristol Old Vic for further details.

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