Illegal Eagles at The Playhouse, Weston

This show was nothing short of a triumph, combining musicianship at its finest, with vocalists who are easily comparable with the members of the band they pay such sublime tribute to, and whose harmonies were absolutely perfect.

From the opening bars of “Take it Easy”, I was transported back to my romantic youth (yes, I did have one…or possibly more than one!) and the lure of that wonderful West coast sound was irresistible, as the classics such as “Tequila sunrise”, “New Kid in town”, “ Peaceful, Easy Feeling” had the delighted audience singing along enthusiastically immediately.

These guys really are masters of their craft, and what was obvious was the very relaxed bond between them which drew everyone in; as my companion remarked “It’s just like they’re a bunch of old friends jamming and having fun”, and he was absolutely right, because we were all included in the performance too.

There was a great balance between the vocals too, with every member of the five man line up taking an equal lead in the song repertoire, featuring Mike Baker, Garreth Hicklin, Christian Phillips and Trevor B Newnham, who all have great rock/balladeer voices, whilst Greg Webb has an incredibly high vocal range.

The second half flew by much too quickly, the rendition of “Desperado” brought tears to my eyes, and it was time to leave a perfect experience; thank you for making an old woman happy, guys!

It is a real coup for Weston-super-Mare and the Playhouse that the band chose us to launch their 2020 tour, which will see them reaching out to no less than 149 other audiences, but they have promised to be back this season, so please join me there for a fabulous night out…hoping to sign on as a groupie next time round!


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