South West Attraction Welcomes Arrival of Baby Fallow Deer

A SOUTH West tourist attraction is celebrating the birth of two baby Fallow Deer who are learning to walk under the watchful eye of its animal carers.

Fallow Deer are known for their white spotted chestnut coat with a white rump patch and have a fairly long tail.

Both arrivals were born in the last few days and the first is already on his feet, feeding well and is a good, healthy size.

Baby Fallow Deer
Baby Fallow Deer

As a protected species, Puxton’s breeding programme aims enhance the captive population of Fallow Deer and educate the public about the importance of these animals.

The Deer will be tamed to allow visitors to have the opportunity to get up close and feed them, as they grow over the coming weeks.

Alistair Mead, Puxton’s Managing Director, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome these baby Fallow Deer to Puxton Park, who are both thriving and enjoying the outdoors.

“Their mothers only joined us here at Puxton Park this season and therefore we are delighted they have already extended their families.”

The Fallow Deer join hundreds of fascinating animals at the adventure Park, including another recent addition, Puxton Meerkats Manor, which may also welcome babies shortly.

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