The Star Seekers

This was the first time I have ever taken my little one to a play, and as she is generally characterised with words like moody, impatient, and even “diva” has been mentioned a few times, I was nervous about how much the little tinker would like it.

The Star Seekers is presented in collaboration with The Wardrobe Theatre and The Wardrobe Ensemble, delivering frenzied and fun adventure for 3-8 year olds.

In song, we travelled through the solar system, and then out to parts of space that no one had ever seen. We got to name a planet; Planet Batman, it was made of bananas (obviously). We met Cheese burger the alien, made of cheese. All of the ideas (grape mountains, gloop floors, serving ourselves on a plate so that a pretty melancholy black hole would eat us) came from the children- all handled hilariously by the cast. Tinker loved it. She belly-laughed at parts, danced along with them, threw newspaper asteroids, and sang louder than everyone else.

Anyone with young children knows that finding things that they love is one thing, finding things that they love that you love too is a whole other thing. But I laughed just as hard as any of the kids around me (maybe that says too much about me though), and I thought it was one of the most funny and interactive shows that I’ve seen. The set was delightfully homemade, and the nature of live shows meant we had great moments like the red glowing plasma ball that didn’t glow for a little bit, and Gammo feeling the pressure of live origami rocket-building.

But I thought, as a key member of the audience demographic, I would end this with Tink’s mini-review:

“My favourite one was the red one.” (Alph)

“It was really funny when they were stuck to the floor.” (Gravity malfunction, it happens.)

“I got to hold a ball and fix the machine.” (It was a ‘red glowing plasma ball’, but sure.)

“Do you think Gammo would build me a rocket too?” (It was made of paper, I’ll ask him.)

The Star Seekers is at The Wardrobe Theatre until the 20th February, and back with a new adventure later this year.

Review by Josie Sutton

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