Top South West Attraction Welcomes New Baby Meerkats

PUXTON Park tourist attraction in the West Country is celebrating the birth of two baby meerkats.

The babies were born on Saturday August 26 and are continuing to thrive under the watchful eye of Puxton’s animal keeper, Katy Bent.

Katy said: “One of our Meerkats, Mali, gave birth to the two baby Meerkats at 8:40am on 26th August.

“They are looking really healthy with a little bit of fur.

Baby Meerkats at Puxton Park
Baby Meerkats at Puxton Park

“Their Dad Maurice is doing a really good job of pitching in and bringing mum food and is protecting the babies really well.

“They won’t be visible to our visitors for a few weeks, just because mum will keep them in the burrow feeding them milk until they are stronger.

“Therefore the nest will be left alone for their comfort and safety, and as soon as they are ready, we are sure they will love meeting families.

“Being a first time mum, we are thrilled that the babies have taken to suckling straight away, and Mali knows everything she is supposed to be doing.”

The adventure park unveiled its Puxton Meerkat Manor earlier this summer and therefore they are delighted to welcome these two new additions.

Puxton added the colony following requests by its visitors for Meerkats to join the park.

Meerkats are a small mammal and a member of the mongoose family famed for their upright posture, as they often stand on their rear legs to gaze over their inhabitant.

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