Story Club

Our Story Club is at the YMCA, Weston!

Today, we had one for local home educated kids.

As this was a new group, we played a couple of story games so we could get to know each other in a fun way.

Then, we looked at a few classic books, such as Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and The Twits, to find other ways to say ‘said’.

A group discussion resulted in a collective characterisation of a dragon called Mike the Draglon. He’s green, he speaks lots of languages, eats chocolate, scoffs all the biscuits and he likes bottoms. He also breathes carbon dioxide that catches fire but that is extinguished once he leaves the cave that he shares with unkind cavemen.

Some of the children wrote their stories, some drew straight from their imaginations and some did both; we even had a paper and string model of Mike.

It was great fun.


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