The Possible Impossible House at Bristol Old Vic


Forced Entertainment brought their first children’s production to the Bristol Old Vic; The Possible Impossible House. The story of a doodle girl who says ‘hello’ to you as you flick through a maths book, and asks you to accompany her on a quest to find the spider from the page opposite.

The show was creatively set up, using simple boxes to project images onto. The collages created by Vlatka Horvat help to visualise the house and the figures you discover on the journey.

A funny introduction by Richard Lowden which set the comical tone for the remainder of the show. We were introduced to Cathy who used brilliant sounds to go with the scenes, which helped to bring the story to life. Richard Lowden was a great story teller and really helped us to understand the story.

Key to this play was the fact that the story made you think you were one of the central characters exploring the many corridors of the house until you reach a door that opened onto a room with many books on a table. A book appears on the top of the pile. Intrigued you pick up the boring maths book, turning the pages until all hope is lost and you suddenly hear a ‘hello!’ And you meet the doodle girl for the first time.

Cathy was funny throughout the play as she interrupted Richard to ask what sound to play next. Richard’s reaction was one of surprise and increasing frustration. The comical disagreements were hilarious but all part of their act!

4+ ages would enjoy all the scenes. The children in the front rows loved the talking animals. These included a talking mouse, talking spider and talking rhino. It held younger children’s attention, through the story, sounds and visuals that helped the story along. The theatre was full of laughter.

Talking to Jim Harrison, the Production manager, after the show this is the second time Forced Entertainment have performed this show. The first time at the Barbican London for their Christmas production. The company have been running for 30 years but this is the first time they have written a children’s play.

The Possible Impossible House is well worth coming to see and is an enjoyable show for the whole family.

Review by James Hurst (11 years old)

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